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Your Balcony Selection on Royal Caribbean Oasis Class Ships

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

I recently conducted an informal survey for Royal Caribbean‘s Oasis Class Ships. The survey was trying to determine Oasis Class cruisers preference for balcony location and why. On the Oasis Class Ships you have three standard balcony state rooms location options. The first is the interior ship balconies overlooking Central Park in the interior of the ship, also known as Central Park Balconies. The second balcony option on the Oasis Class Ship are the Boardwalk Balconies overlooking the interior of the ship and the Boardwalk. The final option is the Oceanview Balconies, either on the port or starboard side. All balconies you can look up to the sky and receive outside weather.

SPOILER: Overwhelmingly people preferred the ocean view balconies. Many thought the central park was lovely as well, but statistically people liked the ocean views the best. About 85% of respondents said ocean view, followed by 10% liking Central Park view the best, followed by 5% liking the boardwalk balconies.

Many reasons and comments were given, but inherently people enjoyed Boardwalk Balconies if they like to see the action going on at the Boardwalk, which can be quite the party at times. Additionally on the boardwalk you can see the Aqua Theater from many Boardwalk Balconies.

Board Walk Balconies

Central Park Balconies were preferred due to the enjoyment of the quiet atmosphere in Central Park. You can actually hear birds, see live trees and shrubs and soft music at times. However, those that wanted privacy always chose the ocean view.

Central Park Balconies

With the Oceanview Balcony, you never have the prospect of anybody looking in on you on you or your balcony and state room. The Oceanview Balcony also allows for a 180° panoramic view of the ocean, the waters and all the associated wonderful things you see while cruising on the ocean. It also allows for partial sunrise and sunsets depending on your direction of travel. If you like to watch the weather and the waves, then you have to get the Oceanview Balcony. It’s also important to recognize the port or starboard side of the ship, when selecting your room. This could be critical to you with regard to how much sun you’re going to receive on your balcony during the day. This varies drastically between cruises, so study this carefully if it matters to you. Kellie says more dramatic departures and arrivals for her are important, so again check the side of the ship in which your Oceanview Balcony is located.

Ocean View in Port Canaveral

The big differentiator between Oceanview, Central Park, and Boardwalk Balconies, is that of cost. The ships interior balconies on the Oasis Class Ships are generally going to be around 20% less than the Oceanview Balconies. So, if cost is a factor for you, and you want to have the Oasis Class experience with Royal Caribbean, then consider Central Park or Boardwalk Balconies.

Thank you.

Jay and Kellie

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