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Learning New Tricks from an

Old Dog

From Gr8Transitions4U
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Kaiser's Story

After 15 extraordinary years with Kaiser the Schnauzer, I knew it was time to provide his thoughts on life and love, with my friends.  Over the years, I found his affectionate wisdom to surpass my own in many ways.  When pausing to ponder the love we enjoyed and the gentle lessons that he communicated, I realized there was significant life experience and insight to communicate.


Now, through the power of modern technology, you can share in some of the gems of wisdom this old dog has provided to my family and myself over the years!

Learning New Tricks from an Old Dog is written in Kaiser's loving voice, where he provides gentle guidance for everyday living.


My Books

This wonderful creation is a heartwarming gift to dog lovers! Containing insightfulness humor, Learning New Tricks from an Old Dog celebrates the special bond between Kaiser and his loving humans, imparting life wisdom seen through the eyes of a very special schnauzer.  I laughed, I smiled, and I cried.  This book brilliantly captures the life and love of a cherished friend.


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We are looking forward to enjoying the great state of Kentucky and it's offerings in the month of October and November.  We desire to provide enlightening information on the bourbon trail, caving and hiking!

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