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Poe’s Tavern at Atlantic Beach

Great to Visit around Halloween!

Even in the time of COVID, one of the fun things to do is visit the beaches in and around Jacksonville, Florida. Both Neptune and Atlantic have much to offer in the way of beautiful sunrises, fun location, dinning and lots of shopping in and around some great hotels.

One of my favorite restaurants on Atlantic Beach is Poe’s Tavern. Anybody that is a fan of Edgar Allan Poe would find this a very enjoyable setting for a pint of ale, a lovely lunch or evening meal.

With the full bar and a fun themed burgers such as the Raven and the Pit and the Pendulum Burger, you won’t find a better burger in the area. Salads are fresh and crisp along with three fish taco offerings. The courtyard and open feeling of the tavern are both wonderfully appointed with palms and picket fence. Many a great meeting has occurred over a pint of ale or specialty drink like Poe’s Punch at this location since they open back in 2011 (There is another Poe’s Tavern that opened 2003 in Sullivan’s Island near Charleston).

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Inside the restaurant, you will find numerous movie posters and memorabilia from days gone by. You are probably aware Vincent Clark performed in many Edgar Allan Poe movies, and his face adorns every corner. Enter the restrooms, and the walls are literally wallpapered with pages from Poe’s works. Vincent Clark recites from Poe’s books over the speaker while in the bathrooms.

So if you have ever read or seen any of Edgar Allan Poe’s movies or works, you will find the atmosphere and food refreshing at Poe’s Tavern on Atlantic Beach. Convenient to shops and parking, Poe’s Tavern is located at 363 Atlantic Boulevard, Atlantic Beach.

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