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Numbers on Vacation? I Don’t Think So!

If you don’t like numbers or statistics, your will not enjoy this article. Even though I find it fascinating, you should stop reading. However if you’re curious about Oasis class ships and the associated “wow” factor, continue on.

First of all, they are the largest passenger ships on the water. But how big are they really compared, to other large ships? All Royal Caribbean Oasis Class Ships are in the 1180 foot range. Costo Cruise Lines have the next largest ships, at about 1100 feet.

Now that we’ve establish what Cruise Line has the largest ship, current Flagship - Wonder of the Seas is the largest of all, at 1188 feet - taking the title from the Symphony of the Seas by a whopping 2 feat. The Wonder has a draft of over 30 feet. Therefore, you can not dock a boat like this just anywhere. Port Everglades has the largest channel in the US, south of Norfolk, with a depth of 43 feet (13 m) at low tide.

The width or boom is 210 feet. So what does this mean? All these lovely accomidations do come with restrictions. The newly widened Panama Canal has the maximum allowable capcities of 1,200 by 161 feet and a 50 foot draft. So the length and draft of the Wonder would work, but not the boom. So Oasis class ships have to travel around America a different direction.

Wonder of the Seas has eight different "neighborhoods", including an all new suite neighborhood.

There is a children's water park and separate playground, a full-size basketball court, an ice-skating rink, a surf simulator, a zip line that is 10 decks high, a 1400-seat theater, an outdoor aquatic theater with 30-foot (9.1 m) high platforms, and two 43-foot rock-climbing walls. On all Oasis-class ships, one of the eight Neigborhoods is Central Park, which has over 10,000 real plants.

Oasis Class Aqua Theater - with 60’ Diving Board into 14’ Pool

At 18 stories tall, Oasis class ships have about the same number of stairs as the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Total number of crew on board is 2300, with the ability to carry 6988 passengers. Together, the total approaches 10000. With safety a priority and preached everywhere, what could go wrong?

Lifeboat on the Wonder

Should there be a major incident, there are 18 partially enclosed like lifeboats. These boats hold 387 passengers each on the Wonder. This provides just under 7000 occupancy. So what about the rest? In addition to the lifeboats, there are numerous canisters with rafts. These rafts can accommodate several thousand more passengers and crew members.

And now you know. No more numbers, just relax and enjoy your vacation!

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