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McGuire's, Million $ Pub!

Next time you’re in Pensacola make sure you don’t miss out on one of America’s great steak houses!

Anyone from Alabama, Georgia, or Mississippi that has traveled to Pensacola are familiar with McGuire’s Irish Pub. McGuire’s Irish pub is also one of the largest public houses in the United States with simultaneous seating of over 615 people. This rambling Irish pub seems to have 15 to 20 rooms where people can enjoy great food and libation. You can also observe the McGuire’s Brewing process on site and then consume several of their own beers on the premises. Don’t miss the Old Fashioned Ale or Irish Red Ale.

Steeped in tradition, Maguires originally opened in 1977. It is now on Gregory Street since 1982 - and this is the location most people are familiar with and remember. With ample parking and seating, even in high season, your wait will never be long in the extraordinary bar with live Irish music for your enjoyment.

The first thing you notice upon entering Maguires is the tremendous amount of money on the ceiling.

Dollar bills adorn the walls and ceiling, everywhere. Mollie Maguire received a dollar bill for her first tip, and she supposedly tacked it up behind the bar for good luck. Patrons soon added to the collection and now it is a McGuire’s tradition. In fact, over $1.2 million are estimated to be hanging on the walls.

Do not think you can go in and take a few bills in the middle of the night, as it has already been tried. In 2011 a thief tried to change some dollar bills at a bank with black markings and holes from staples, making the bills extremely unique. The teller quickly new the true owners of the bills and found the bank manager. The thief ran away and supposedly was never caught. The stolen $9 were returned to McGuire’s after the investigation was complete. It does not sound like a lot of money, but even today $9 will buy almost 50 servings of the famous McGuire’s .18 cent, senate bean soup.

If you look around the bar, you will notice a large hippo head and moose head. Do not get confused, the tradition states you kiss the moose head. Why? Nobody knows. First-time visitors and special guest are always encouraged to kiss the moose head.

All the traditional Irish fare is available. From shepherd’s pie to fish and chips, with every day Irish lunch special for only $9.99. Their U.S.D.A. Certified PRIME Aged Beef is grilled over wood fires and served sizzling in Garlic Hotel Butter. However, if you are craving a steak, frequent visitor Huntsville's Dawnn McCullough says "I would not go to McGuire’s without having the Ribeye and an Irish Wake".

I would not go to McGuire’s without having the Ribeye and an Irish Wake. ~ Dawnn McCullough

Many of the rooms have themes, such as the Blue Angel’s Room. Some are small and cozy, while others are sizable enough for a large Celtic gathering.

The original McGuire’s is located at 600 E. Gregory Street in Pensacola. However, if you find yourself in Destin, know that you can enjoy the same Gr8 atmosphere at McGuire’s on US 98.

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