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Crêpes in Sarasota - C'est la Vie!

Not far from the bustling cityscape and condos of Sarasota, you will find C'est la Vie. Conveniently located in the historic downtown areas of Sarasota on Main Street, this luscious little gem serves breakfast, lunch & dinner at a very reasonable price. Long time Sarasotans know this little place, as it has been open for over 24 years. Tourist do not appear to have an awareness of this lovely spot.

C’est La Vie is Gr8 place to experience the French food, drink, and a shared wonderful experience. You will find this brasserie to be delightfully authentic. Owned and operated by a wonderful French staff, delectable pastries are prepared fresh every morning. Good wine, coffee and fantastic crêpes, croissants and omelets are available anytime.

If you come by later in the day, the large menu offers Toasted Panini and Baguette Sandwiches along with a variety of soups and salads are available. Lunch can be lively as it is not to far from the business district.

Escargots, fromage board charcuterie, and asparagus salad top the appetizer menu. Lots of seafood such as Scallops with lemon beurre blanc (white butter) and pan seared salmon are on the dinner menu. Quiche, duck and pasta are all available as well. Don't be fooled, this is real French cuisine, wonderfully prepared by French chefs, served by real French waitstaff.

Buckwheat Swiss & Bacon Crêpe

We hope you find this hidden bistro as refreshing as we did. Located at 1553 Main Street, Sarasota, FL 34236, this award-winning, popular location should not be missed. Indoor & outdoor dining are both available. Don’t forget to try the luscious buckwheat bacon and Swiss cheese crêpe and potato chowder. And for dessert, you must taste the Orange-caramel or Crêpe Dulce de leche, banana, with sliced almonds.

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