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George Town, Grand Cayman

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

A Mixture of a Quaint English Village and Modern Luxury.

The phenomenal gem known as George Town in the Grand Cayman Isles has far more to offer thank being a snorkeler's paradise. Most are aware of that the coral reef and sea life are among the best in the Caribbean. But there are other Gr8 activities all around. You can head off to a resort for relaxation and swimming or you could book a fishing or scuba tour. Exploring downtown George Town is exquisite as well. Once you get past the jewelry and real estate shops, there are some real treasures to be found. Many local stores have products from around the Caribbean, with interesting locals having long time stories of life in the Caymans and 90% speak English. All this makes this little island a splendid place to visit and one of my Caribbean favorites.

Paradise Seaside Grill

Paradise Seaside Grill

There are several locations I love to go to for either late breakfast or an afternoon lunch. The first place to check in should require you to bring snorkel and fins. If you are fortunate enough to come to George Town by ship, take a right on to Church Street after leaving the port. Walk about a quarter of mile around to the right, hugging the coast and you will spy the lime green roof of the Paradise Seaside Grill (#96 South Church Street). This wonderful and breezy place has great food, awesome menu and super views of the Caribbean Sea. Even though the food is relatively inexpensive, be advised that the price listed is in Cayman Dollars (1.2 US $ at the time of this writing).

Snorkeling at the Paradise Seaside Grill!

Right next to this fun little restaurant you will find a small dock, not suitable for boats. Here you can climb down to the crystal azure water and snorkel with numerous small tropical fish. I highly recommend you bring your mask as you will regret doing otherwise. There is no fee for this great family experience.

Cayman Cabana Oceanside Restobar

Another great place to just go hang out for a few hours is in the opposite direction. Soon as you leave the Seaport, make a left on Church Street, and hugging the coast, walking 200 yards to the Cayman Cabana Oceanside Restobar (53 North Church Street Grand Cayman).

A longtime favorite of mine, with my first visit offering some unique surprises.

As I drank my Red Stripe and looked over the edge of the pier into the water, I was amazed to see so many phenomenal tropical fish.

A gentleman walked up and stated, “It’s beautiful isn’t it?” I said “Yes”, and asked, “Do they have a fence keeping the fish near the Cabana Restobar?” He laughed and said, “They don’t keep them anywhere, they just live here in these beautiful waters.” He asked me how deep I thought the water was. I told him three or four feet. He replied that the water was over 15 feet deep. Even though the sapphire sea was amazingly crystal clear, it still seemed impossible that the water was that deep.

On another occasion, I have also enjoyed a piña colada with this beautiful view. The locals here at this bar are friendly and seem to take tourist all in stride. Listening to others at the bar, it became apparent that many of interesting local clientele come in and out of this bar. A couple walked up who just flown in from Switzerland, after recent court hearing earlier in the day. They were celebrating because their successes. The Caymans have long been known as a hangout for people on the lamb or running from various entities.

So, if you want to enjoy the traditional resorts of the Cayman’s or if you are seeking a little adventure out on your own, know there is plenty to do just a short distance from the port. Transportation is a breeze. But you can set out on foot, as George Town is safe, classy and has virtually no worries.

Wishing you a great holiday in the islands!

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