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Doldrums: Equatorial Region of the Atlantic Ocean with Calms, and Light Unpredictable Winds

Sunrise near the Tropic of Cancer

Day 7 – Half way across the Atlantic on our Ocean Crossing Voyage! Nothing but water. Bored? Not yet!

The Atlantic crossing from Florida to Europe often takes 12-14 days. So it’s day seven. The in-room map shows we are about halfway across the Atlantic. But we still have a long way to go. One might be concerned of boredom during the next few days. But there is no need to worry.

This morning, I went to listen to the Captain give an overview of the current cruise course and situation. He provided the progress, depth of the ocean, description of ocean swells, our speed, how far we have come and how far we need to go. People asked questions and he talked about the engines and our capacity. He described storms that were to our northwest and potential effects. Bottom line, we had traveled some 2900 nautical miles and still had 1300 more to go.

Walking Track next to Life Boats

The essential guide for daily activities is the Cruise Compass. There’s so much activity on these big boats. But, having a routine is especially helpful. I personally like to start the morning off with a brisk two miler on the walking track. Shortly there after, you can go to more than a dozen places to get a cup of coffee. Breakfast venues are everywhere, but no need to eat anything heavy yet, as there will be plenty of great food later in the day.

Gym, with weights, spinning, and aerobic equipment

After you walk, perhaps you will take some time and go to the gym. There are lots of weights and aerobic equipment. Kelly particularly enjoys taking classes. She purchased a multi-pass, which has eight classes of her choosing. The classes include Zumba, spinning, aerobics, pilates, yoga, tai chi, and many others to select from. It is a great way to figure out which type of class you like better.

Rock Climbing Wall

We often like the scratch the brain – with plenty of trivia, Spanish lessons, and sudoku challenges taking place later in the morning. These are a great events to meet other people and the trans-Atlantic cruise is full of interesting folk from around the world. Some are going home, and others are heading for a vacation in Europe, while others will be getting off the ship and going to the airport to fly home.

Aqua Theater

In the afternoon there are plenty of pools and hot tubs and choose from. If the weather should be little dreary the solarium provides ample room for a number of guests – in a very comfortable 75° environment with many more pools and hot tubs to choose from.

There are numerous venues to watch small bands and single musicians performing during the afternoon and on into the evening. There are no less than 10 places to find complementary dining and just as many other locations if you desire to pay for something more upscale. There are dozens of bars and other wonderful venues for having fun – with live music in multiple locations all afternoon and evening.

There are professional shows on the ice ring, in the Aqua and Royal Theaters and comedy clubs.

Even though port is still considerably some distance off in both time and miles, by varying your schedule and trying out all the venues, you will find if difficult to get board.

Ice Skating Show at Sea!

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